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Criminal matters often start with an arrest or a citation from a police officer. The District Attorney then reviews the reports provided by the police agency and makes a decision on whether or not to proceed with filing charges. If the District Attorney decides to files charges, the accused appears in court and is arraigned on the charges. At the arraignment, the judge makes a decision concerning the release status of the accused. The release decision can involve the accused remaining in custody, or if out of custody, being remanded into custody, security being set, or other conditions. After arraignment, the accused is given a future date where the accused must appear and decide whether he/she will contest the allegations or plead guilty.

An attorney will be able to explain each step of the process to you and advise you on legal matters that apply to each step of the process. With my experience, knowledge and your best interest in mind, I can ensure that you, the accused make an intelligent and informed decision you truly understand at every step of the process allowing you to achieve the best possible result.

I offer extensive criminal law experience to each of my clients in representation of Measure 11 crimes, murder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, theft and driving while under the influence (DUII).

I spent 12 years as a prosecutor before committing my practice to criminal defense. As a prosecutor it was important for me to obtain justice; justice comes in many forms, and it includes making sure people accused of crimes are treated fairly.

As a prosecutor, I came to realize early on that the decision I made to charge someone or not had significant consequences whether the accused was found guilty or not. With this in mind, it is very important that you (the accused) have competent representation from the very beginning.

You deserve to have the zealous and competent representation I offer, not "just adequate" representation available or appointed elsewhere in Central Oregon. My commitment to each of my clients is to zealously work to ensure that you are not cheated by the system.