About Jonathan Char and his Experience

I grew up in Hawaii and graduated from Portland, Oregon's prestigious Lewis & Clark Law School. I was an accomplished prosecutor for 12 years in both the Josephine County District Attorney's Office and the Deschutes County District Attorney's Office. In both offices I successfully prosecuted crimes involving sexual assault, child sexual abuse, homicide, felony and misdemeanor driving while under the influence (DUII), domestic violence, burglary, robbery, theft, probation violations, violation of restraining orders and more.

My experience has taught me that criminal charges affect the accused significantly. This is why you need an attorney that is experienced, competent, committed and most importantly your best advocate.

My years of experience as a prosecutor in the State of Oregon have given me the competency and ability to be your number one advocate. I will fight to get you the best result possible. In order to help accomplish this goal, I will focus on obtaining information, communication and preparation. As your attorney, I will be thorough in my quest for information about our case in order to communicate with you, the District Attorney and the judge or jury, the circumstances and points of our case then prepare for whatever course of action that becomes necessary in obtaining the best possible result for you.


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