Your Best Interest is My Priority

I have many years of experience in handling important legal matters:

Criminal Law: I have successful experience handling various criminal allegation types including serious felonies (murder, sexual abuse, robbery), general felonies, fraudulent crimes like theft, computer crime, drug offenses like manufacture and delivery of controlled substances, driving under the influence (DUII), probation violations and violation of restraining order cases. By far the most common charge alleged is DUII. I have attended numerous continuing education courses dedicated specifically to DUII and I have successfully handled countless DUII cases.

Expunction: After arrests and convictions, it is important that you expunge them off of your record. This step is vital for your future employment, credit and housing considerations.

Domestic Relations (Family Law): Family Abuse and Prevention Act (FAPA) orders - obtaining or contesting one. Dissolution of marriage, modification of custody and parenting time (including child support). Enforcement of parenting time.